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Aug, 2020

FLL Safety Guidelines

Fruitland Little League COVID-19 Guidelines

Please understand that it is unrealistic for Fruitland Little League to monitor everything all the time, so we ask that everyone abide by these rules as violators will not be tolerated.

  • Players, coaches, and immediate family members if you are feeling sick, have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath or if you have any reason to believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19 for any reason please stay home until you are cleared by a healthcare provider.  

  • If you become infected or have been in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19 and you have participated in a practice/game or you have been in our facilities, please notify the FLL President or Vice-President so we can inform others that you or your child may have come in contact with.  Your identity will be kept private.  You will not be able to return without a note from a healthcare professional stating you have been cleared.

  • Hand sanitizer will be at each field and around the concession stand area

  • Signage for social distancing, masks and general tips for protecting yourself will be posted at fields, concession stands and restrooms.

  • There are indicators on the ground at the concession stand to indicate 6 ft. apart when standing in line.

  • We are only allowing 3-4 people working in the concession stand at one time.  Everyone will be required to wear masks while they are working as well.  We will be doing temperature checks on all workers upon arrival.  We will also have volunteers sign in at the concession stand just to keep record of who was there.

  • Bleachers will be marked as to where you can sit on them, as well as indicators on the ground where you can sit.

  • We are recommending to limit spectators to family members who live in the same household.

  • Spectators should bring their own chairs

  • Adults should wear masks when in close proximity of other adults (not required when you can socially distance yourself from others).  Masks are required when at the concession stand or using the restrooms.

  • Restrooms have signs posted about a one-in one-out policy.  One person in the restroom at a time unless you are family.  No Exceptions.

  • During games and at the end of every night we will wipe down high touch areas in the restrooms (i.e.: door knobs, faucet handles, etc.) with disinfecting spray.

  • Restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned more often during the week.

  • Disinfectant spray and paper towels will be readily available in the field house if needed to disinfect equipment.

  • Dugouts and fence lines will be sprayed down with disinfectant after games.

  • All players and spectators should vacate the property as soon as possible after the game is over.

  • Everyone should refrain from spitting, this includes spitting sunflower seeds and gum out on the ground.

  • Players and coaches should take measures to prevent all but the essential contact necessary during practices and games.  

  • There will be no post game handshake lines.  Teams will line up on the base line closest to their dugout area and ‘tip their cap’ to their opponent at the end of the game.

  • Players should not share their equipment (i.e.: helmet, glove, or bat)

  • Players should not share food or drinks.  For tee ball there will be no team snacks this season.

  • Equipment bags should be spaced 6 ft. apart around the bullpen area.

  • We will encourage the coaches to have players sit/stand 6 ft. apart in the dugout or bullpen area.  We encourage players to wear gaiters or masks while in the dugout and upon arrival to games.  If parents choose, the players do not have to sit in the dugout/bullpen area and can come in when it is their turn to bat or go on the field to play.

  • Managers will be asked to wear masks if they have to get less than 6 ft. from a player.  

  • Pregame meeting with umpire will take place with social distancing in place.

  • Umpire will be stationed behind the pitcher.

  • Foul balls landing outside the field of play should be retrieved by participating players, coaches, or umpires.  No spectators should retrieve the ball.